The story from YWO

I’m pleased to say that Ted of YWO did get back to me quickly with an answer to my query on the 5000 deal, and I’m not the only one who’s been raising questions on the site.  In brief, it seems like this is pretty much a ploy by YWO to increase its membership and its profile generally, and , to be fair, YWO always did intend to offer a self-publishing platform. Ted doesn’t answer the question of ‘why self-publish’ but strictly speaking I don’t suppose he has to. I think there are times when self-publishing makes sense, but right now I’m with another YWO member sho says,

‘I’d love my novel to be published, but what kind of feeling would it give me if I could only say that the sole reason it was published is because I answered an e-mail quickly and could drum up £40? I’d like to think it got published because it was good.’

For my question and Ted’s full answer, please read on.
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What’s the story?

As a long-time member of You Write On I somehow missed its latest initiative until Jane Smith’s blog entry came to my notice.  Basically, YWO is offering a Publish On Demand deal to the first 5000 writers to sign up by  31st October. I’ve now checked out the YWO site myself (the offer is on the Home Page … Continue reading What’s the story?