Save the dates!

It’s great to see everyone emerging from the winter gloom and getting together again. Here are a few dates which should be of interest to anyone who loves writing, reading or just listening. March 19th: Story Sunday ‘Another Country’ As you know I’m a member of Writers Unchained and hopefully this poster says it all. … Continue reading Save the dates!

Get Writing 1: the prize

Interrupting my current musings/rants on blogging to report on a Grand Day Out provided by Get Writing Conference 2011 and  to say that my efforts to get there (2hrs 40 mins in never-ending downpour) were rewarded with an extremely well-organised day, some excellent speakers, and (roll of drums) – third prize in the short story competition. When this … Continue reading Get Writing 1: the prize

A Mouse and a Jellyfish

Mouse Years has just been posted on the Brighton COW (that’s Community of Writers, by the way) website. It has now been published in Scribble Magazine and was short-listed by Exeter Writers’ Circle earlier this (oops, last)  year. So if you feel like something light-hearted (and definitley non-scientific) , do take a look.  And for a complete contrast, read … Continue reading A Mouse and a Jellyfish

Short Story Time

I consider myself more a reader of novels than of short stories, but just as I have found time for writing short fiction, I am also learning to give it a place in my reading schedule – and for pleasure as well as for ‘educational purposes’. For this I am also developing some rules, e.g. I don’t want to … Continue reading Short Story Time

The Scone Effect

Forget bakewells, victorias, roulades and other members of the Great British Bake-Off,   if you want to raise a smile, try the humble scone.   First of all there was Alexander McCall Smith’s The Unbearable Lightness of Scones . I don’t think I have actually read it, but being familiar with the tenor of the Scotland Street novels, I  … Continue reading The Scone Effect