Storytime in the Bargello

It’s not that I don’t like museums, in fact I like them a lot, and in some ways the bigger the better. Those gorgeous marble floors and plaster ceilings do it for me regardless of what’s on the walls or in the glass cases. But  a couple of hours in any museum is always enough, which, if you … Continue reading Storytime in the Bargello

Worth celebrating

Since the lovely people at Leaf Books have seen fit to commend me for my ‘short travel writing’ piece submitted in August, it seems only fair to celebrate Kilcreggan , the obscure but enchanting place where it began. To go next to the article when it’s published in Issue 3 of their magazine, Leaf would also like me to submit a further … Continue reading Worth celebrating

To boldly go

When writer friend Nicola Bennetts took a trip to Peru two years ago, it wasn’t just to see the sights but to find out about the work done there by Christian Aid and other charities. Her account of the expedition made fascinating listening for our writers’ group through most of last winter, but when she decided to publish … Continue reading To boldly go