Let me entertain you

I sympathise with Tracey Chevalier as judge of this years Mslexia competition. So many short stories deal in pain, death and loss. Several years ago I remember a similar plea from QWF Magazine for writers to ‘lighten up’ and I guess that the appetite for reading submissions must diminish rapidly when every course is another … Continue reading Let me entertain you

Tapestry update

After my latest read I’m still a confirmed Chevalier fan. I particularly admire how she conjures up a time and place with such economy and so little overt description. There must be a wealth of knowledge and research in there somewhere, to deliver such authenticity in so few words. For someone suddenly considering embarking on a … Continue reading Tapestry update

Period pieces

By a sort of coincidence I have been delving into the thirties and forties, first of all with Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (one of those reissued Persephone Books) which I heard discussed on Woman’s Hour not so long ago. I wouldn’t quite compare it as a friend did to Mrs Dalloway (though it … Continue reading Period pieces