Writing, research, technology

Confessions of an erstwhile librarian Now that I’ve (re)embarked on my historical and now non-fiction (?)  project, I’m beginning to panic worry about the general disorganisation of my ‘research materials’  by which I mean everything from dog-eared articles and handwritten notes, to things I’ve typed up in Word or grabbed from DNB or Wikipedia. Then there … Continue reading Writing, research, technology

Everyone a winner?

Two years ago I was short-listed for the Winchester Conference short  story prize and this year was a bit  disappointed when my entry didn’t get anywhere. But one nice thing about Winchester  is that every entry (winner or ‘loser’) gets feedback from one of the judges. Mine arrived today and this year it is not in … Continue reading Everyone a winner?

Historical hysterical

Many years ago I heard  a talk by an author (whose name I have sadly forgotten!) who spent years researching every novel to the extent that to get one book right she actually trained as a pilot. While this struck me as very worthy, I felt (and hoped) there must be an easier way to write … Continue reading Historical hysterical