Man Booker Madness

What has caught your eye about the Man Booker longlist? The number of indie publishers? The breadth? The depth? The welcome appearance of small or indie publishers ? All of these have been mentioned in various quarters, but it was when I put my feet up with yesterday’s Telegraph Review  that it came to my … Continue reading Man Booker Madness

e-publishing review

Those of you who follow me on Twitter will be aware of my dilemma about going for the self-publishing option, which is why I’ve been taking a particular interest in the recent crop of publish-to-kindle books issued by otherwise unpublished novelists. I think I’m trying to work out: a) ) how my own work compares … Continue reading e-publishing review

Fessing up

You’ll have to take  it from me that  I started to harbour these heretical thoughts a while ago and certainly before getting wind of  the Guardian article kindly summarised by Snowbooks on their blog. But it did come to a head last night when a T.V. advert flited across my consciousness. The perky graphics and … Continue reading Fessing up

Waiting game

I’m a bit frustrated that the Winchester Writers’ Conference still hasn’t published its programme for July. With Ailsa almost ready to go out to ‘critical friends’ I am determined to take her along this year. Even if I don’t get any interest, I can at least achieve my lifelong ambition of seeing an agent (any agent!) … Continue reading Waiting game