Photography in fiction (1): Other people’s photos

I’ve just been reading William Boyd’s  Sweet Caress which I picked up when I spotted its photography connections. It’s about a girl growing up in the twenties who, after a family trauma, joins her uncle as a  society photographer in London then unshackles herself from an unhealthy relationship to reinvent herself several times over and … Continue reading Photography in fiction (1): Other people’s photos

Why I’m Here

Not a moment for philosophical reflection but, after our evening with Lucy English, a quick plug . This book of photographs by Sally Mundy and poems by Lucy is just as intriguing and delectable as it looks on her web page. If you have any interest in people and the places they go, it will … Continue reading Why I’m Here

Bristol, A Second Look

No excuses for doing some PR on behalf of DD whose picture is a finalist in the above-mentioned photography competition. Other finalists can be seen at the Second Look Myspace Site but this is Ellie’s photo. Even if you don’t want to vote for Ellie, do take a look at the other entries on Myspace. … Continue reading Bristol, A Second Look