Fry’s Chocolate Dream

Sweets and chocolate bars must be as  evocative of past times as smells or music. One of the first errands I ever ran was when my granny sent me for a bar of ‘Caddy Pep’(Cadbury’s Peppermint Cream) and my vocabulary was given an early boost by all those long words experienced by Fry’s Five Boys.  … Continue reading Fry’s Chocolate Dream

Bristol Suffragettes – historical walk, historic day

Well before the tennis action got under way last Sunday, I was over in Clifton learning about Bristol Suffragettes from local author Lucienne Boyce  whose book from local publishers Silverwood has just come out. Assuming like many people that the suffragette movement was London-based,  I was fascinated to learn on our walk around leafy Clifton how … Continue reading Bristol Suffragettes – historical walk, historic day

Historical hysterical

Many years ago I heard  a talk by an author (whose name I have sadly forgotten!) who spent years researching every novel to the extent that to get one book right she actually trained as a pilot. While this struck me as very worthy, I felt (and hoped) there must be an easier way to write … Continue reading Historical hysterical