Secret of the Sands

You might remember that Secret of the Sands was the product of my Kindle download experiment of judging a book by its first chapter and I was in no way disappointed. This is a rattling good yarn with a fascinating setting – both historical and geographical – which is evoked in fabulous detail by the … Continue reading Secret of the Sands

Numbers Game

A trip to York has been an excellent excuse to neglect Authonomy where The Water’s Edge is now sinking down the rankings. And if I am ever to get on with my rewrite project I’m afraid that sink it must. Even maintaining its current position requires too much effort in finding and swapping reads. But I … Continue reading Numbers Game

Middle of the Road

My Library Thing widget should update soon to show I’ve been on a reading fest – three books in three days is a lot for me! – and only happened because a neck problem has kept me off the golf-course and also the P.C. So far this week I have clocked up  a racy historical … Continue reading Middle of the Road