Authonomy Diary Week 2

 Weekly stats                                                                             Last week              This week My book rating:                1298                       1096 10641 Bookshelves I’m on                 1                               4   5 Watchlists I’m on:                     9                              8 Comments in (reads):              8                            10 Comments out:                           4                                5 Hours spent:                              10                             too busy to count!   Nice to see The Water’s Edge rising in the ratings at last, and I’m grateful to … Continue reading Authonomy Diary Week 2

More cats required

Flicking to the blurb of my current read, I notice that the author ‘lives in Kent with her husband and three cats.’ Now, it seems to me that a multiplicity of cats is a very common attribute of published authors and I’m wondering if as the part-owner of a single cat, I am putting myself … Continue reading More cats required