Save the dates!

It’s great to see everyone emerging from the winter gloom and getting together again. Here are a few dates which should be of interest to anyone who loves writing, reading or just listening. March 19th: Story Sunday ‘Another Country’ As you know I’m a member of Writers Unchained and hopefully this poster says it all. … Continue reading Save the dates!

Fry’s Chocolate Dream

Sweets and chocolate bars must be as  evocative of past times as smells or music. One of the first errands I ever ran was when my granny sent me for a bar of ‘Caddy Pep’(Cadbury’s Peppermint Cream) and my vocabulary was given an early boost by all those long words experienced by Fry’s Five Boys.  … Continue reading Fry’s Chocolate Dream

Bristol Suffragettes – historical walk, historic day

Well before the tennis action got under way last Sunday, I was over in Clifton learning about Bristol Suffragettes from local author Lucienne Boyce  whose book from local publishers Silverwood has just come out. Assuming like many people that the suffragette movement was London-based,  I was fascinated to learn on our walk around leafy Clifton how … Continue reading Bristol Suffragettes – historical walk, historic day

Banksy at Bristol

Yesterday we managed to squeeze in a visit to Banksy versus Bristol Museum. I say ‘squeeze in’ because even on a Monday afternon we queued for 45 minutes which left us just less than one hour to see what all the fuss was about. In the two main exhibition areas I was initially unconvinced. The images … Continue reading Banksy at Bristol

All Cows Eat Grass

When I heard the  news that Bristol City Council is to raise cattle on a tract of land adjacent to the M32 motorway I did check the date, but April 1st it was not, and I think it shows remarkable  initiative for a council not exactly famous for emlightened approaches to anything. There are sure to be … Continue reading All Cows Eat Grass

Ladies lunching

 Pausing in the yellow theme to post DD’s wideshot view of Cabot Circus. Cabot isn’t quite the temple of Mammon that is Westfield, though the design strikes me as similar. I fear it may also be suffering a similar fate: many visitors but not a lot of money being spent. Managed to come back empty handed myself, though … Continue reading Ladies lunching

Circus comes to town

Until recently I had myself down as a suburbanite, but not any more. The fight of DD and DS into the city centre has given me the chance to explore the waterfront, the old centre and the university area all over again and I’m suddenly finding even more excuses to go there. Visitors are now being dragged to … Continue reading Circus comes to town