Family Fortunes

Despite the freezing weather, January is bringing some unexpected reasons to be cheerful. One of these is that A Fork Less Ordinary is going to be read out by my sister at the first 2009 meeting of  of her local W.I. so I may not be published but I am to be performed! I hope … Continue reading Family Fortunes

Bristol Women Writers

Eighteen months ago, I heard about Bristol Women Writers, and when I was lucky enough to be invited along, I was immediately impressed by the experience and commitment of the members. These are all writers who are good enough to be published – and most of them have been in some form or other.  I was nervous for the first few … Continue reading Bristol Women Writers

Work in (slow) Progress

I’ve had to take a break from the WIP  in order to flesh out (literally) my second main character, Ailsa’s mother, Lorraine. She suffers from a medical condition called lupus which I had already looked up on several websites but I felt I needed more in-depth knowledge. Luckily I found Talking About Lupus by Triona Holden, which … Continue reading Work in (slow) Progress