The way you tell ’em

Can you tell a joke? I find it’s not that easy. You heard this particular joke a while back. It’s a good joke and  you think you remember how it goes and so off you go. ‘Listen to this one,’ you say. But half way through you realise it’s not going to work because you’ve somehow given … Continue reading The way you tell ’em

Why I’m Here

Not a moment for philosophical reflection but, after our evening with Lucy English, a quick plug . This book of photographs by Sally Mundy and poems by Lucy is just as intriguing and delectable as it looks on her web page. If you have any interest in people and the places they go, it will … Continue reading Why I’m Here

Dancing Days

Our writing group is expecting a guest this week: local author and poet Lucy English. I confess I hadn’t read anything by Lucy until this week when I scuttled down to our local library just in time to pick up a copy of Our Dancing Days. This is a short but satisfying read set in … Continue reading Dancing Days

Criminal Justice 2

For sheer theatre there’s nothing like a courtroom drama. I was first hooked  way back in the sixties when  Perry Mason got his man every Sunday night  without fail, always with the help of crucial new evidence provided at the last minute by side-kick Paul Drake.  I don’t think I understood half of it, but was entranced by the formulaic language … Continue reading Criminal Justice 2