Why wait?

All over the world, bloggers, (with the exception of the indefatigable Bransford – but hey, he’s at least 7 hours behind) are shutting up shop and I should be too, but when writing gets pushed to one  side a quick post reminds me I’m still a writer (and is a damned sight easier than a chapter … Continue reading Why wait?

Suddenly I See

It was only when I read Nathan Bransford’s post on writing competitions that I realised that the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award is still going strong and for a minute I was tempted to enter again for 2010. Then I remembered the whole agonising process. For those not already in the know, this is how it … Continue reading Suddenly I See

Life lines

On Saturday,  Issue 3 of The Yellow Room arrived, and being too beleagured by seasonal franticness to engage with the writing there and then, I settled for skimming through the ‘bios’ – helpfully picked out in bold at the end of each story. To a certain extent this is dangerous – these people sound so interesting compared to … Continue reading Life lines