Places and Spaces

More wanderings on the web this week. A while ago I signed up for Google Alerts, a good way of finding new stuff on the web. My alert for Carte de Tendre usually throws up sites on a French folk singer, but this week I found myself being notified of my own post – something I found sadly gratifying! But … Continue reading Places and Spaces

I’ve been Snowcased!

I heard about independent publisher Snowbooks earlier this year when they launched their free book club and was impressed not just with my free book but also with their open submissions policy for writers. Then this week I spotted in Mslexia that they also accept 500 word submissions to be ‘snowcased’ on their blog. A couple of … Continue reading I’ve been Snowcased!

Strange Maps

One of the fun things about writing a novel is that it takes you to places you would never have gone otherwise, and serves up some interesting reading experiences. While I was writing Landscape I found myself gravitating towards books about maps and spotted Intimate Cartographies by L. A.  Alexander on the chucking out shelf at … Continue reading Strange Maps

Fun and games

I confess to playing around with Facebook at work (strictly as a learning experience, of course!) and really like the Virtual Bookshelf feature I found on a colleague’s page.  It lets you build a personal library with links through to Amazon, but it has a separate shelf for books you have read, are reading or would like to read. Tried … Continue reading Fun and games

Savaging the Garden

I’m indebted to a writer friend for pointing me in the direction of Mark Mills’ The Savage Garden, which I opened in some trepidation, guessing that the plot might be pretty similar to Landscape. Initially I was certainly unnerved as one early scene bears a remarkable similarity to one of my own, testimony to the amazing power … Continue reading Savaging the Garden