Sunrise, sunset

Had a sobering thought yesterday when I heard mail delivery (i.e. by the postman) being described as a ‘sunset industry’. Hang on, I thought, as a novelist whose primary aspiration is to get into print, am I also part of a sunset medium,  soon to be supplanted by e-books, downloads or just one big blogosphere? It’s not … Continue reading Sunrise, sunset

Numbers Game

A trip to York has been an excellent excuse to neglect Authonomy where The Water’s Edge is now sinking down the rankings. And if I am ever to get on with my rewrite project I’m afraid that sink it must. Even maintaining its current position requires too much effort in finding and swapping reads. But I … Continue reading Numbers Game

Cutting to the chase

I seem to have divided my evenings this week between Authonomy and Criminal Justice being shown on BBC1. So let’s put the two together and see what my critic self makes of CJ. A quick visit to the website reveals the ‘pitch’. “Juliet Miller’s life is turned upside down forever after an incident that leaves … Continue reading Cutting to the chase

R & R

Reading and wRiting that is. Two things I seem to have been neglecting of late that left undone will cause the creative spirit to wither and die (or at least go a bit sickly). But last both have happend – and in the same week – funny that, isn’t it? The book I picked up … Continue reading R & R