My guest today is Jon Pinnock

11 thoughts on “My guest today is Jon Pinnock”

  1. Excellent interview, Alison. I enjoyed this generous snapshot of Jon since I’ve competed with him and alongside him in contests but never knew why and how he started writing and what drives him. I, too, had that “smell blood” moment in my writing career (though sometimes I wish I hadn’t.) Great piece.


    1. Hello Gail, nice to meet you. I think Jon and I first met on Greyling Bay (remember that?) but this interview has certainly filled in a few blanks for me – and provided some interesting links. Oh – and I just checked your blog – absolutely agree about Rigoletto in Mantua.


  2. Hi Gale! Nice to see you! I know what you mean about wishing you hadn’t got the scent of blood sometimes 🙂

    Yes, I think it was Greyling Bay, Alison. An interesting project in many ways, not all of which were anticipated at the start 🙂


  3. Hi Alison, loved the interview and what stood out for me, was that Jon never lost his love for writing despite putting it on th back burner every now and then. Wishing Jon continued success and thanks for inviting us all to meet him! x


    1. Pauline – thanks for joining us especially when you’ve been unwell. Hope the view of the mountains is keeping you cheerful.


    2. Thanks, Pauline – although I’m not sure I had much choice in the matter! Writing tends not to let you go once it’s got hold of you 🙂


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